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John Armitage is an Oakland, CA native. After serving in the US Army, he enrolled in the Communications Photography program at UC Fullerton. When he graduated with his BA in 1987, he acquired a penchant for commercial product photography and branding. An apprenticeship with special-effects photographer Jack Eason shaped his professional path and taught him about lighting effects.
John founded Armitage Photography in 1993 and moved it to Lilburn, Georgia. Since then, he has worked with corporate and business clients of all sectors with helping realize their visual needs.

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Meet John Armitage

For nearly his entire life, John Armitage has been captivated by the creative process. After a family friend gifted him a camera at age...

The Importance of diagnostic

Normally when dusting or compaction is performed it is done by a chemical process. This is present, but can be done manually. Working...

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